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Production system ZAO(CJSC) «TM

Production system ZAO(CJSC) «TMH» – implementation uniform method of working at all production facilities of ZAO (CJSC) "Transmashholding" in order to ensure the continuous improvement process indicators QCD-S «Quality, Cost, Delivery and Safety.

  (JSC) «DMZ» production system

DMZ production system is based on the principles of Toyota Production System, in the experience of our partners, including company Alstom Transport. The basic principle of the production system of DMZ, as well as the Toyota production system, is that as soon as possible, with the least possible expenditure of resources

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The aim of implementation the production system of DMZ is to create a methodology management system of production and management processes on the basis of the "pilot" areas. Further development of the production system is in the form of software solutions aimed to improve the operational efficiency of key products, and replication of the best practices for all phases of the enterprise.

The system provides the strategic goals through coaching, and through the possibility of continuous improvement and further improvement to increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs and cover the consumer’s requirements. The  production system implementation is aimed to embed the original ideas of the optimal control in the workplace, and through the production - in other processes and divisions of the company.

Exchange of experience. 

An integral part of the production system implementation is the exchange of experiences. There is no theoretical knowledge gained from books, that can be compared with the amount of information that can be given by people who have successfully implemented different projects.

As part of the development of best practices of lean tools implementation, staff of DMZ study the best practices at the pilot areas within the enterprise, at the  enterprises that are members of ZAO(CJSC) "Transmashholding" and Alstom Transport, as well as at the enterprises of Russia and the world.