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Came to Full Stop? - No!


Came to Full Stop? - No!

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Between 13 March and 13 April run an eco-campaign entitled ‘Recycle a battery – Save a Hedgehog’ and on 17 April in the shop no.26 took place a ceremony of awarding the winners. The eco-campaign was organized and conducted by the Youth Council with the support of the Trade Union of Demikhovo Engineering Works, OAO.

This is a second phase of the eco-campaign. The first one run last year having involved a lot of schoolboys and schoolgirls in Demikhovo village. Probably, this is a main difference between the last year campaign and the recent one: in 2017 only the plant co-workers participated – more than one hundred people – they have collected 1723 pcs.

‘It is not a few,’ assures the leader of the Youth Council Kristina Bobrova.  ‘The elementary arithmetic shows that 34460 sq.m of unpolluted soil; 1723 of saved hedgehogs, 3446 of moles, and 1723000 of earthworms. I’d like to highlight that, in fact, not only the plant co-workers took part in the eco-campaign but also their friends, family members, who do not work at the plant. Even the children were involved. It is important that the parents instil right ambient behaviour standards into their children. It is even more important that they do this not only in word but also in deed. The young participants brought a lot of batteries they removed from the earth to the collection points’.

The eco-campaign seems to become massive and with no terms.

Mikhail Esipenko, the winner, says that he collects batteries throughout the year and that he is going to continue doing this. ‘The process is entertaining and involving,’ says Mikhail. ‘Half of my colleagues and a lot of my friends brought batteries, children took out dead batteries from their toys. In few words, everybody’s contributed’.

Three leaders of the eco-campaign are: Mikhail Esipenko (shop no.№14) – 184 pcs; Maria Osadchaya (account department) – 174 pcs; Vladimir Chikalov (shop no.71) – 130 pcs. All winners have got certificates of the Youth Council and prizes: barbecue sets for two persons.

‘We do not put the full stop here,’ says Kristina Bobrova. ‘We keep going! In our agenda there are: in May the DMZ Youth Council organizes a paintball contest for the plant co-workers, in June – fitness festival, in July – volleyball match and the Family Day fest, in September we will organize activities related to the Mechanic Engineer Day’.

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