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Way to Perfect Welding


Way to Perfect Welding


On 22nd February at Demikhovo Engineering Works (DMZ) took place an annual workshop on welding equipment and technologies with support of the Moscow Inter-Sectoral Alliance of Principal Welding and Metal Treatment Engineers  (МRО ММАGS) headed by Yuriy Podkopaev, the President of the Alliance.

Professionals in welding from various industries took part in the workshop, as well as manufacturers and suppliers interested in an effective promotion of products for welding. The total number of participants counted 40 people from almost a dozen of companies, i.e. Russian and international clients and partners of DMZ.

Vladimir Moiseev, the General Manager of DMZ, greeted the guests expressing hope that the workshop would give a new impetus to the progress in science and technology. Mr Moiseev wished everybody a fruitful work.

Within the theoretical part of the workshop agenda the participants, who made reports, shared with their colleagues information on welding equipment innovations, on interesting engineering solutions regarding the welding automatization and robotization, on orbital welding equipment, on personal protective equipment for welders, 3D shaping equipment.

Alexey Moguchev, the DMZ Design Manager and one of the workshop moderators, opened the session with a brief presentation of Demikhovo Engineering Works – the biggest plant in Europe regarding the electric multiple unit output. Mr Moguchev highlighted that DMZ has changed its specialization several times since the plant was founded: the manufacture of machines for chemical industry and peat industry. Since 1992 the plant has manufactured electric multiple units (EMUs), which currently is the main production field. Mr Moguchev also talked about other today production strands (manufacture of wheel sets, EMU bogies, thorough repairs of  railbuses type RА1 and RА2, as well as about repairs of underground railway carriages). In his speech Mr Moguchev indicated other business prospective areas, such as suburban diesel multiple unit (DMU) DP1D manufacturing. The start of this project is scheduled for the mid 2017 and a train prototype should be produced in 2018. The customer should receive a new type DMU in 2019.

The workshop participants were focused on new projects, services, and capacities. Thus, the Vladimir Plant of Precision Alloys (VZPS) presentation entitled ‘The Implementation of the Import Substitution Programme on Welding Materials Production and VZPS Capacities’ has aroused great interest.

Vladimir Danilov, the Manager of Marketing Department, told on advantages of the plant working on basis of the welding wire production full cycle, which means a wide range of nickel alloy products, efficient customer service work, modern industrial and laboratorial equipment, capacity to produce rare alloys in small amounts. The most important matter is the management strategy focused on work efficiency and high level customer service. 

ESAB, the high-tech welding equipment manufacturer, has made the presentation on Not Coppered GMAW Solid Wire with ASC (Advanced Surface Characteristics) Technology Treated Surface under the Brand ‘OK AristoRod’ of ESAB, which has aroused great interest as well. Moreover, the workshop participants have asked a lot of questions to ESAB.

The cherry on the cake was a demo-truck, which ESAB uses for away workshops, which distributors and potential customers take part in.  In the truck body of a small area there were placed the latest products: CaB 300C welding column, Suprarex SXE CNC cutting machine, automatic orbital welding equipment, the latest innovations of  ESAB: Rebel multi-process welding unit and WeldCloud online control system, as well as welding posts to demonstrate and improve welding parameters. ESAB welders have demonstrated equipment capabilities and answered the questions. 

The workshop participants have visited the plant shops to gain familiarity with the production.
The  sessions were held in business-friendly atmosphere of inter-sectorial professional interaction. According to the organizers, it was aimed at various welding technological tasks solution. The participants themselves were telling about mutual business interests and opportunities to promote their high-tech products via such events.
‘The workshop format provides a tight business agenda which includes a DMZ shops excursion,’ said the ESAB representative to the Express. ‘Annually we take part in conferences, workshops, round tables, exhibitions and presentations which aim to business interactions and let open new horizons for the industry development’.

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