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Sharing of Experience is One of Efficient Forms to Develop Production System


Sharing of Experience is One of Efficient Forms to Develop Production System

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The Demikhovo Engineering Works (DMZ) representatives have visited Bryansk Engineering Plant (the member of Transmashholding, ZAO). The main purpose of the visit was an acquaintance with the experience of the TMH production system implementation and its improvement at the plant, as well as the experience of industrial equipment upgrade.

Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ) was chosen not by chance: according to the results of the tenth Transmashholding production system audit wave, it has got 3.13 points. This fact let BMZ take first place within the program of the production system development.
‘Bryansk Engineering Plant puts into practice a standard set of methods and instruments aimed at the enterprise resources use to the maximum, reduction of losses, and better satisfaction of customers. Actually, they do it well,’ shares his impressions Roman Kustarev, the DMZ Lean Production Department employee. ‘We’ve visited the plant Training Centre; we’ve seen the shunting and mainline locomotives assembly processes, the blank production and wheel-bogie shops work. Most part of manufacturing processes at the plant is automatized. It is being tested the software that let control the standard line performance in real time mode. It was also pleasant to find out that all lean production instruments are really being implemented. The effect is evident.’
Besides that, the DMZ co-workers noted that their colleagues had found non-standard resolutions of issues used to be thorny for the most part of industrial enterprises. Thus, the problem of purchased components imperfections compelled BMZ to introduce an additional quality control at the point when the products are coming out from the supplier’s factory gates. The result is 100% quality.
‘The sharing of experience among the Transmashholding enterprises is one of the efficient forms to promote innovative ideas and to develop production systems. Upon returning, we started elaborating our plan for the production system implementation, having in consideration the Bryansk Engineering Plant experience,’ says Roman Kustarev.

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