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Keeping Our Positions Back!


Keeping Our Positions Back!

On 12th April in the Orekhovo-Zuevo municipal district were held tactical special exercises with participation of the fire service squad formed by the local enterprises and organizations. The event was entitled ‘Forces and Facilities Management upon Forest and Peat Fire Extinguishing. Organization of Interaction between Structure Units of Various Agencies during a Fire Hazardous Period’.


In the mass activity took part the representatives of the Federal Fire Service, heads of municipalities, co-workers of the Agency of Civil Defence, Emergency, Health and Safety, Federal State Agency 23d Federal Fire Service Squad, Moscow Region Local Office of the State Agency Mosoblpozhspas, as well as emergency and rescue services of 18 enterprises of the region.

Alexander Shuvalov, the machine assembly metalworker of the shop no.50, headed the Demikhovo Engineering Works (DMZ) volunteer fire squad.

Valeriy Skachkov, the Head of the DMZ Civil Defence and Emergency Staff, talked on the spring fire statistics, according to which, the local citizens and guests from other regions did not realize their responsibility. ‘In springtime people use to burn grass. Since 2017 began, it has been registered 17 grass burns in the district. Another reason for fire spikes during the spring months is an increasing number of ordinary fires due to electrical equipment failures, as well as due to careless handling of fire. In this regard the authorities take tightened fire safety measures in the town of Orekhovo-Zuevo during the summer fire hazardous period. According to the Fire Safety Regulations it is prohibited to make fire in the woods, forests or peats,’ said Mr Skachkov. ‘The people’s safety depends on concerted efforts of all Moscow region services of emergency prevention and elimination system. That’s why these mass exercises are aimed to improve an interaction among the fire-rescue services and such kind of trainings should be held annually.’

In 2017 our country celebrates 85 years of Civil Defence establishment.

The EMERCOM of Russia has announced the year of 2017 as the Year of Civil Defence.

During these exercises the fire service squads have worked their tactics up to make their interactions more coordinated and efficient. New types of equipment and other fire extinguishing facilities were demonstrated as well.  

The results of completion are as follows: the Orekhovo-Energosbyt  team took the first prize, the Demikhovo Engineering Works team – the second prize. By the way, during the last 10 years the DMZ team has taken constantly the first or the second prize proving by this its preparedness.  

This eventful day was topped off with a tasty national dish, which traditionally the Cossacks from Dubrovskaya stanitsa* cook for all competition participants. 

Within the preparations for the 2017 fire hazardous period it was created a local squad which consists of more than 92ths of people and has more than 9.5ths pieces of equipment.  Moreover, it was created an airmobile squad within the Central Agency: it contains 300 pieces of equipment and 200 people, which are ready to react to emergency situations happening on the district territory and neighbour ones.   

*Stanitsa is a municipal unit used regarding the Cossacks. Usually, ‘stanitsa’ means a community of a big village or several villages.

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