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Done Together!


Done Together!

On 22nd April on the territory of Demikhovo Engineering Works (DMZ) took place an event called ‘Community Clear Up Saturday’ within the eco-month ‘Rescue and Preserve’ organized by the holding company Transmashholding for all its members. Despite the gloomy cold weather about a hundred of DMZ co-workers responded to a call to take part in the event, to help with the plant territory cleaning and site improvement: managers of all levels, designers, economists, marketers, workers, laboratory technicians, engineers…

‘First of all, the task was to clean ditches, tubes and pipe drains, and the areas in front of the shops from rubbish and litter. A particular attention was paid to the blind alleys cleaning,’ said Olga Konopatskaya, the Deputy General Manager for Human Resources, Social and Regional Policy. ‘On the 15th Transmashholding anniversary our staff take special care of the plant territory being nice arranged. Besides the general cleaning, the participants have also put in order flower beds, raked and removed last year leaves, painted the building facades, columns and trees, repaired and painted the fences. On the territory of DMZ there is a big photo exhibition that outlines the holding company members history during the last 15 years. The exposition is topped off with a thematic banner with images of the electrical multiple units, which left out of our plant gates; people, with whose hands our products were made’. Olga Konopatskaya also noticed that all task planned in the Saturday agenda were completed and completed well: 47 ha of cleaned up area in total, including the kindergarten no.55; 110 m3 of removed litter. It was used 4 pieces of cleaning equipment: 2 dumper trucks, 1 excavator, and 1 forklift.

Long time ago the Community Clear Up Saturdays became for the plant workers popular and fancy actions: every season the participants’ number in and the litter volumes increase. Thus, in 2017 a hundred of people were engaged in the site improvement or, in other words, more 10 people have shown their civic awareness in comparison with 2016. ‘Sure, the participation in the eco-month is useful in terms of ecology, but cleaning and greening is only a part of the activity. It also has a teambuilding function: communication, competition, dinner served at the canteen for all who came. It demands a lot of efforts to organize such kind of events but it rallys the plant team,’ told Irina Pershina, the Manager of Buildings and Facilities Operation and Repair Department and one of the Saturday organizers.

In fact, the managers started preparing to the Saturday beforehand as there was a lot of tasks to be completed: to arrange a bus schedule to bring people to the place, to determinate a total area and work volumes, to provide necessary instruments, as well as to distribute areas to be cleaned and to indicate a responsible persons for every piece of territory, even to think over a right music to meet the participants on Saturday morning and a menu to feed the toilers at the end of the tough day. By the way, the supper was very good: potato with meat, salads, cakes and hot tea. The Saturday participants, tired after open air hard work, were really thankful to the cooks.

The Commission has accepted the plant and adjacent areas without serious claims.

The Demikhovo Engineering Works managers thank all co-workers, who took part in the Saturday.

As the Regional Ministry of Housing and Community Amenities has informed, the town of
Orekhovo-Zuevo became one of the most active territories: 13.8ths citizens were engaged in
 the Community Clear Up Saturday.  

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