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Development Strategy is Creative Process


Development Strategy is Creative Process

On 5th–6th April in the Assembly Hall of the Demikhovo Engineering Works (DMZ) office building took place a workshop entitled ‘Lean Production Instruments and Quality Management Systems to Cascade and Implement the Enterprise Strategy’ organized for the DMZ top managers. The training was conducted by Andrey Kudryashov, the specialist of the expert organization TMS RUS, OOO.


The main workshop objective is to help the plant managers to increase the manufacturing efficiency, to reduce risks, optimize expenses and to develop rational and efficient solutions. Mr Kudryashov said that the Lean Production was a particular approach to the enterprise management organization and that this approach was focused on the work quality improvement via reducing the losses.

During the tutorial sessions were used the comprehensive examples from the past to illustrate all ins and outs of the concept. Moreover, these historical events were applied to the real working situations at the plant. ‘For instance, the manner of giving specific information on a merger between Quality Management System instruments with the Lean Production ones was masterly and very intelligible,’ told the workshop participants. ‘The coach gave us practical recommendations, shared with us his personal experience of particular practices implementation, which were used at international and Russian enterprises. No doubts, this will help to realize the plant strategy.’

The participants noticed also that at DMZ workshops always run in a creative atmosphere. This fact strengthens the ability and capacity of the managers of all levels to collaborate, to work in team.

Upon closing the workshop, all participants have got certificates of having passed successfully the examination in Lean Production Instruments and Quality Management Systems to Cascade and Implement the Enterprise Strategy.

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