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Changes Are Part of Modern Culture


Changes Are Part of Modern Culture

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On 4–5 March 2017 within the project ‘Management Programs for Transmashholding Managers’ the Demikhovo Engineering Works (DMZ) top managers took part in training on changes management. The training was conducted by Igor Kluev, the manager of the consulting centre ‘Lidery Izmeneniy’.

Igor Kluev noted that due to the influence of external economic conditions, discoveries, low labour efficiency, financial problems, bottlenecks in production, and other factors the modern companies faced the necessity to make changes to their processes, technologies, products, and competition policy. Although, not every company can manage these changes effectively. Only some of them are really able to succeed and achieve a new management level.

The amount of information, which the humanity owns, doubles every 5–7 years, consequently doubling an amount of new issues, which require adequate resolutions. Thus, the changes management matters become more and more important. 

The main issue that the plant managers will face is a personnel refusal to accept changes due to this being a human feature to take any changes suspiciously and negatively because an innovation is usually a potential threat for their habits, way of thinking, status, and so on. At best, the staff resistance can delay the changes time frame. For this reason, the training was focused on the deep understanding of concepts, which it is worthy to rely on while planning and implementing the changes. Particularly, during these tutorial sessions were covered seven flexible instruments of changes implementation via clear examples and situation modelling. 

Thanks to that, the training was passing in an interactive way; the participants were keeping their interest and workability throughout two days; the worked out skills and conclusions will have a long term effect.

‘In short time period we have got a method system and a range of instruments that let us to analyse properly the situation and affect the change processes, we have got also concrete instructions on successful accomplishment of changes. That is what matters’, shares her impressions about the training with the Express Olga Konopatskaya, the Deputy General Manager for Human Resources, Social and Regional Policy.

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