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X-matrix: Work More Effective!


X-matrix: Work More Effective!

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On 18th March in the Demikhovo Engineering Works (DMZ) conference room took place a workshop ‘Decomposition and Cascading Order of Manufacturing Goals by Using the X-matrix’ organized for the plant top management. The scope was to connect the everyday activity of the plant co-workers and the strategic goals that the plant faces, to plan activities referring to the efficiency key indicators (EKI) improvement, as well as to control their accomplishment.

For the industrial enterprises in Russia the X-matrix is a relatively new management tool, which is to be developed for one year and which does not cancel other documents (plans). It allows concentrating the maximum resources on some essential issues, whose resolution is a key to improve the manufacturing quality.

The X-matrix application in terms of the plant strategic goals decomposition and cascading, concerning the management levels, is started in DMZ in 2014 within the program Transmashholding Manufacturing System Development Road Map realization. In addition, it considers an X-matrix application practices training given to the top managers, shop and department managers. Its objective is to teach to transform the enterprise strategic goals into division operational goals and to train elementary practical skills to develop documents.

‘As compared with other goal-setting systems the X-matrix is a very convenient format: on one sheet there are goals, strategy, ways of its implementation, efficiency key indicators (EKI) used to assess goals achievement level’, says Olga Norkina, the Manager of Lean Production Department. ‘The difference between the last year X-matrix version and the recent one is that the focus is on underground railway carriages and wheel sets repair works, as well as Production Competence Centre development.’
The today Demikhovo Engineering Works is ramping up the production capacity exactly in this way equipping the shops with brand new machines and other facilities. Thus, new wheel sets for underground railway carriages are manufactured in the shop no.1/3, in the same shop wheel sets are machined and worn out ones are repaired completely. In the shop no.50/89 the plant is creating a new branch of business - the carriages repair.

‘It is a prospective way for DMZ to move. There is every reason to hope that in the future we will manufacture wheel sets for all underground railway carriages in the country and we will develop the strand of carriage repair,’ deem the plant managers.

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