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Demikhovo Engineering Works (abbreviation: DMZ) manufactures multiple units (MU) throughout more than 20 years. During this time the DMZ team has designed 20 types of the electric MUs, the carriage output makes more than 8,000 items. Our trains are successfully operated in Russia and in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), in all climatic zones: from Smolensk in the West to Vladivostok in the East, from Murmansk in the North to Adler in the South.

DMZ possesses impressive production facilities. On the total area of 47.2 hectares there are various shops: mechanical assembly, welding and assembly, blank production and press, carriage assembly, among others.

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The DMZ personnel number 2,400 people. The most part of the staff is top-class specialists highly experienced in mechanical engineering.

The Major Assets of the DMZ Electric Multiple Units (EMUs):

  • reliable technical solutions;
  • compliance with the Russian standards and safety regulations;
  • various train sets on request;
  • high passenger capacity
  • considerable power savings (trains provided with power-saving equipment);
  • high level of passengers' comfort;
  • capability of creating a barrier-free environment;
  • low maintenance costs.

92341.jpgDMZ is entrusted to provide a rolling stock for the passenger traffic organization during such world level events as: the APEC Summit in Vladivostok, the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan, the Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Formula One Grand Prix in Sochi.

The DMZ electric multiple units feature high workability and smart design. The modernization of the rolling stock is carried out according to the international standards. Our team works on new train models in close cooperation with the leading research institutes and design engineering companies in Russia, as well as with the partners in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Latvia.

IMG_6791-2222_small.jpgAll EMUs are equipped with the microclimate and CCTV systems.

The cabs are equipped with the standardized driver’s panel designed to facilitate the train crew's work: all information on the heating, air-conditioning, and operation safety systems is displyed in this panel. Besides that, the cabs are provided with an automatic train operation (ATO), an alarm, and a 'passenger-driver' communication systems.

The EMU design considers a carriage coupling system that provides a backlash-free rigid articulation. The purpose of this joint system is to minimize the dynamic carriage and passenger load. Moreover, the coaches are fitted with hermetically sealed corridor connections, which improve sound and thermal insulation, as well as the protection against precipitations.

The automatic sliding plug doors provide a safe exit either onto high or low platforms. The mechanism allows to prevent the passengers or their belongings being clenched between the doors.

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The interiors of the trains are made in a unique style according to the latest trends in industrial design. The partition and side walls are of fibreglass, the material that has a great resistance, allows to increase the panels lifespan and provides the interior decor durability.

The DMZ designers' team can create an individual interior style with any layout on request. We offer a number of seat layouts and the customer opts for one of them he finds the most convenient. All coaches are furnished with seats of up-to-date wear-resistant materials.

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Additional equipment, which an EMU can be provided with:

  • bar, 
  • eco-friendly vacuum WCs, 
  • compartment for crew members,
  • screens for video broadcasting,
  • Wi-Fi equipment,
  • bicycle storage bars,
  • passenger counting system,
  • geolocation system.

The DMZ trains can be provided with all necessary facilities, which let the passengers with disabilities travel with comfort. The driving carriages are equipped with folding ramps and special lifts, which help people using wheelchairs to get into and off the train. The coaches are provided with special wheelchair storage places and the WC design is adapted for these passengers: WCs are more spacious and there are special handrails.

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All EMU design features are aimed to create the most comfortable conditions for the passengers' travel. Our steady customers value such approach to the modern rolling stock manufacturing.

Nowadays, DMZ manufactures:

DC Electric Multiple Unit EP2D


The EMU is designed to be operated on railways with electrified tracks. The main features: 1520 mm gauge, overhead contact line system of nominal voltage of 3000 V, suburban passenger traffic, maximum distance of 200 km, maximum operating speed of 120 km/h.

DC Electric Multiple Unit ED4M


The DC EMU is designed to be operated on railways with electrified tracks. The main features: 1520 mm gauge, overhead contact line system of nominal voltage of 3000 V, railways provided with high and low platforms.

DC Electric Multiple Unit ED4M #0500 of Enhanced Comfort, Power-Saving Electrical Traction Equipment


ED4M #0500 is an upgraded EMU of ED4M series. 

AC Electric Multiple Unit ED9E, Power-Saving Electrical Traction Equipment


ED9E is a new model of AC EMU, which replaced one of ED9M series. The installed power-saving electrical equipment allows to reduce the traction power consumption by 20%.

AC Special Electric Multiple Unit EDS1R for Work Team Transportation


EDS1R is designed on request of the Central Directorate Infrastrucutre, the division of Russian Railways. The rolling stock of this type is a pilot project for the DMZ team. The new train consists of two carriages, one of which is designed for an equipment storage and another one is for a comfortable maintenance crew transportation to a certain place.

Other Strands of Work: